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J. Mcfarlane's Reality Guest: Whoopee (LP) [30104122]

EAN/UPC Code: 5061041820007
Artikel-Nr.: LSSN 089
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: From out of nowhere if nowhere is the febrile, warped and twilit imagination of Julia McFarlane comes Whoopee, the second album by J.McFarlanes Reality Guest. Whoopee is an esoteric, kaleidoscopic movie in music form directed by Julia McFarlane and co-conspirator Thomas Kernot. Full of life, breakbeats and smokey vignettes on the fragile nature of interpersonal relationships, Whoopee is a stylistic evolution from everything McFarlane has done before. Surreal, beautiful in parts and replete with the aching wisdom McFarlanes songwriting has always promised, this Reality Guest pulls back the curtain on a whole scene of naked truth.

Recorded in Melbourne in bursts since the release of 2019s Ta Da, Whoopee features a new sound palette and band member in Kernot. The duo dive deep into electronic pop tropes, mining digital synths, samples, breakbeats and deep bass grooves, largely dispensing with live instrumentation. If Ta Da took twists and turns with your expectations, offering a Dada-ist, monochromatic take on pop music, Whoopee is McFarlanes subterranean love-sick pinks, reds, greens, purples and blues. Becoming something of a tradition, the album starts with an instrumental intro pilfered from a 90s spy film or cinema intro music, puffing up the listener for the heart-squeezing bathos of "Full Stops." Over a bleary backdrop of walking bass lines, jazz-inflected keys and smoked-out atmosphere, McFarlanes poetry narrates the fragile state of a relationship: You put a full stop where I thought there´d be a comma, I want the story to continue even with all the drama. Over a palpable pain, the narrator is revelling in the drama of a relationship, addicted to tumult and heightened emotion. On "Sensory," a space age bachelor lounge pad ballad, the converse state of the previous song is explored, here the narrator is battling the numbness of being out of the drama, stuck in a sensory-deprivation tank, anaesthesized and battling to emerge from the fog. "Wrong Planet" explores an otherworldly pop music, hewing a bright hook out of a sense of confusion. A bona-fide, sing-along chorus bursts out of the narrator musing on the absurdity of existing in this reality. It speaks of one of Julia McFarlanes main talents, her knack of inspecting human relationships and states with a clear perspective, like an alien visiting Earth and realising everything we are is really, really strange.
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