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Son Of Drib: Son Of Drib Against The Wind (LP) [30098347]

EAN/UPC Code: 1230001815122
Artikel-Nr.: MTS004
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: On only their second full-length album, Son of Dribble make the case for IMMEDIATE induction into the Columbus, OH Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Not any easy feat when you're following acts like Cheater Slicks, Great Plains, New Bomb Turks, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Times New Viking, etc. etc. Like their Columbus forefathers, SoD effortlessly take the guts of classic American garage rock and rearrange 'em inside the body of the darker side of UK post-punk. No one would call The Birthday Party a "blues band", but it's there. Beat Happening wasn't a '60s girl group, but that's there too. It's all there in SoD. The skeleton holding everything together is SoD's ability to take all of those moods and create sounds completely unique and their own. The same knack for pure rock'n'roll melody the Strokes were figuring out in 2001 is the same sorta thing you'll hear from SoD, but with more of a penchant for warped pop weirdness. Recorded mid-pandemic in 2021 by the band and engineer Zac Szymusiak at "Heartbroke Rij" (an abandoned house with no electricity or running water that the band converted into a practice space/studio), "Son of Drib Against the Wind" sees the trio of vocalist Andy Clager, guitarist Darren Latanick and drummer Vicky Mahnke art-garage-rocking through 12 tracks in just under 44 minutes. After welcoming second guitarist Mike Nosan into the band permanently, Son of Dribble begins 2023 with a string of live shows and plans to record new material as a four-piece. Son of Dribble continues the proud tradition of Columbus artists pushing the boundaries of what a "garage rock band" can accomplish. Minimum Table Stacks is proud to present "Son of Drib Against the Wind" on vinyl for the first time since its digital release in 2022.
Includes a double-sided insert. Edition of 300 copies on white vinyl.
Erscheinungsdatum: 17.02.2023
Im Shop seit: 03.06.2023
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