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Dragged Through The Garden
Interpret(en): Preening
EAN/UPC Code: 1230001718010
Artikel-Nr.: E/N 049
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: Four years into PREENING's existence and the Bay Area trio hasn't shown any signs of stagnation-they remain committed to the urge to move forward, to push themselves and their audience. Thus, the restless and relentless motion of Preening's new 12" EP on Ever/Never Records, who also released 2018's excellent Greasetrap Frisbee 7". Preening sounds more than ever like no one but themselves-MAX and ALEJANDRA's duel (sic) vocals and sax/bass interplay is masterfully augmented and driven by SAM's all-hands-ondeck drumming. "Twinning" exemplifies all of these aspects, achieving a head-spinning velocity occasionally interrupted by sections that mimic drips and chimes amidst the cacophony. This is dance music for sleep-deprived geniuses and those who love them. "Rapt Fashions" demands to know "Whose body is this anyway?" And then, to drive the theme of dislocation home, the EP ends with a wigged-out "Extortion" dub mix by ANDY HUMAN (of The World / Naked Roommate / Reptoids) & BRETT EASTMAN (Reptoids). Dragged Through The Garden proves that Preening and Ever / Never continue to deliver the goods, and then some.
Erscheinungsdatum: 05.02.2021
Im Shop seit: 02.06.2021
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24,99 EUR
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