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Rudo Bilbao
Interpret(en): Akatz
EAN/UPC Code: 8437007552805
Artikel-Nr.: BRIXLP28
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: An old dream come true. The masterpiece of the band AKATZ, album RUDO BILBAO, is now available in glorious vinyl. Originally released in 2009 in CD, the 10 tracks of this great record show the sheerest essence of AKATZ. AKATZ is the band from Bilbao that has assumed with pride and hard work the leading role in the Basque Jamaican scene for 25 years. Rejecting impersonations, AKATZ has been forged in a thousand battles, concerts and recordings creating its own individual musical personality. A planet packed of good vibes and music for the dance floor with plenty of satellites of black music rotating around it: ska, soul, rocksteady, jazz R&B, roots_ However, what the band was missing in its career was "the definitive recording creation". An album they could point at in the firmament and clearly identify as its own, and that piece is without a doubt RUDO BILBAO (Rude Bilbao). This album exhibits AKATZ in its sheerest expression showing in 10 tracks their first-rate taste and at the same time stating with sense of humour but also with delight their "Pride of Bilbao". All the intensity of their live sound has been faithfully captured at "A-Lone Muzik Studio", produced by Roberto Sánchez. Delivery is passionate, á la Jamaican "big-band" and lyrics created by singer, composer and frontman "Unai Quecedo aka Bita" on tracks like "Rudo Bilbao", "Luces" (Lights), "Na de na" (Nothing at all) and guitar player Josu Santamaría in "Así eres tu" (The way you are) and "Predispuesto a ska" (Tendency to ska) make the whole album sound distinctly urban. Scenery of the nightlife in town, of the clubs, of the streets. Stories of impossible love affairs, of too much drinking or of night encounters at the back of a bar. Songs that will surely recall your own experiences in your own town. Especially if you are from Bilbao since this disk shows Main Street of Jamaican Bilbao, of "Rudo Bilbao".
Erscheinungsdatum: 14.12.2018
Im Shop seit: 16.01.2019
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14,99 EUR
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