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Daylight (col. Vinyl)
Artist(s): Selecter, The
EAN/UPC Code: 5060463417215
Item-Number: DMF118LX
Set Count: 1
Information: Yellow Vinyl!

The Selecter, the riotous skank machine who exploded out of Coventry in the game-changing, multi-cultural 2 Tone explosion of 1979 release their brand new album 'Daylight' on October 6th. Now reunited around the nucleus of original members Pauline Black and Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson, The Selecter are firing on all righteous cylinders in 2017 and 'Daylight' is their most urgent, politically engaged and purely uplifting music since the days of 'Too Much Pressure' and 'Celebrate The Bullet'.

Recorded in London against a strangely familiar backdrop of political foment, anger at austerity policies and the sudden emergence of a revitalized left wing vying for Government, 'Daylight' looks at the modern world with classic Selecter energy, wit and danceability.
'Daylight' is also a spectacular return for one of the first British female stars to really shake up gender and racial stereotypes. Cropped and cool, Pauline was the girl who looked and moved like the sharpest rude boy.

She flipped the Tonic suit and porkpie hat into a feminist statement, making the famous 2 Tone label man, flesh and female. Many faces have moved through The Selecter's line-up since their early days in Coventry. Now a mix of musicians - "four white and four black, very 2-Tone" - work with Pauline, Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson and producer-writer-arranger Neil Pyzer in a tight-knit family team.

The album features 10 brand new songs including new single and opening track 'Frontline' (straight onto the 6Music Playlist) which utilises a weapons-grade UK reggae rhythm to talk about the new place where confrontation takes place - digital and social media. Title track 'Daylight' sings of the straightforward joys and pains of everyday life, whilst 'Pass The Power' is a rallying cry for a newly politicised generation.

1. Frontline
2. Remember Me
3. Daylight
4. The Big Badoof
5. Paved with Cold
6. Taking Back Control
7. Things Fall Apart
8. Mayhem
9. 3 Reasons
10. Pass the Power
Release: 20.10.2017
Available since: 24.10.2017
Availability: Item immediately available
20,99 EUR
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