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Robinson, Lee Machine: Family Album -ltd- (LP) [30036213]

Zusatzinformation: U.S. BLACK FRIDAY 2015 EXCLUSIVE
EAN/UPC Code: 8435008835613
Artikel-Nr.: MCR919LP
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: First ever reissue of a strange one-of-a-kind LP by an Englishman in Madrid. Both intensely personal and logistically desperate, the album was written and recorded under extreme circumstances - similar to most things in the final years of Lee Robinson's life. As drummer for ex-Barracudas, Flamin' Groovies band the Fortunate Sons, along with the singer of proto-grunge noise band The A-10, Lee lived life to the fullest and surprisingly only recorded one solo album. That album is Family Album, originally recorded in Madrid in 1997 and only released on CD through a tiny Spanish label, Por Caridad.

Showing Lee's rich musical palette, you can hear echoes of folk, blues, reggae, psych, gospel, pop, country and post punk. Following the release, Lee performed four shows, sold a couple hundred CDs, the label went belly up, and that was it. Sadly, Lee passed soon after.The album includes personal readings of blues classics such as Willie Dixon's "Spoonful" (not as much a version as a nod to the original) and Elmore James's "It Hurts Me Too", the rocksteady tune "Johnny Too Bad", "... And I Bid You Goodnight', a traditional slave song from the Bahamas, the Judy Henske & Jerry Yester song "Raider", which veers closer to electronic/experimental sounds, while "Sparkbrook" includes a reference to Donovan's "Sunshine Superman".

This limited edition reissue, finally available on vinyl as Lee originally intended, is a long over due tribute to an incredibly special artist and album, and comes as the highest personal recommendation of both Munster and Modern Classics/Light In The Attic.
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.11.2015
Im Shop seit: 07.12.2015
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