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Interpret(en): Astronauts Etc.
EAN/UPC Code: 1230001251166
Artikel-Nr.: HCUSA014
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: There is a fragile balance to ASTRONAUTS, ETC.-an attempt to reconcile contradiction. Harmonious conflict rolls through mastermind ANTHONY FERRARO's uniquely soulful compositions with a struggling duality innate in each note. A classically trained pianist with French composer Hector Berlioz tattooed on his arm, Ferraro approaches his songwriting with both a disregard for his 15 years of focused lessons and a respect for the skill those studies have afforded him. It was as a bystander that Ferraro first began exploring popular music. Growing up in a conservative household, he was exposed to little outside of the classical world until his late teenage years, when Napster played co-conspirator to his latent curiosity. What followed was a period of near academic immersion into the world of pop, soul and indie rock, resulting in a deep appreciation for the delicate crafts of songwriting and arranging. When chronic arthritis derailed his classical pursuits, Ferraro turned to bedroom production to fill the gap, exploring musical avenues outside of his traditional background. After a serendipitous meeting with CJAZ BUNDICK of TORO Y MOI, the two developed a creative friendship that eventually led to a spot in Bundick's touring band. Meanwhile, the piecemeal release of Ferraro's early recordings found a quick following online, topping Hype Machine with tracks "Mystery Colors" in 2012 and "Coldboy" last year, and spawning an audience curious for more from the young musician. (STREET DATE - 9/23/2014)
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.09.2014
Im Shop seit: 27.09.2014
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11,99 EUR
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