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Bonnie Prince Billy And The Cairo Gang: We Love Our Hole/i'll Be Alright (Single) [30024584]

EAN/UPC Code: 1230001245707
Artikel-Nr.: EMP022
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Information: Empty Cellar is proud to announce the latest single by BONNIE PRINCE BILLY and THE CAIRO GANG, "We Love Our Hole" b/w "I'll be Alright." This latest product of their fruitful collaboration finds WILL OLDHAM and EMMETT KELLY sitting barefoot on a sand dune, plucking the last rays of an Australian sunset from the sky. These two songs were recorded for Spirit Of Akasha, a film/soundtrack celebrating 40 years of the classic 1971 Australian surf film Morning of the Earth. "We Love Our Hole", a warm and fuzzular take on the notorious Aussie localism, recalls the carefree back to earth acoustic jams on the original "Morning of the Earth" soundtrack. Twangy leads punctuate the bongo-driven tune (music by Kelly / lyrics by Oldham) exalting their hole# the kind of place you discover by following your bliss, "a cove where love is free". Unbridled, the duo's dueling voices find rare, compelling, moments of unison amidst rich harmonizing. The B-side, "I'll be Alright", is a stripped-down take of the Terry Hannagan song from the original soundtrack. Equally melancholy and reassuring, Hannagan's meditation on the drag of modern life is dispensed thoughtfully by Oldham in his fearless, self-assured, voice. The recording as a whole finds Oldham and Kelly stepping confidently across the beach, fully trusting each other in these songs as only seasoned brothers can. This 7" vinyl record comes packaged in a high-gloss photographic jacket featuring a golden still by Spirit Of Akasha filmmaker Andrew Kidman. Limited to a single pressing of 1000 copies, this release is a perfect assurance that summer is coming through the clouds, and its music positively sparkles like a sun-lit sea. Bonus points: Each 7" comes with a special fart-cloud sticker drawn by the great Nathaniel Russell that you can place in the wind of your favorite Surfer pic!
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.06.2014
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