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Bjelland Brothers/taste Of New York: Sparkling Apple Juice (Single) [30021129]

Zusatzinformation: CAN WE STAY WITH YOU?
EAN/UPC Code: 781484057611
Artikel-Nr.: DC576
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: For the second volume of this acclaimed series, FRED ARMISEN has again reached into his deep supply of locally-pressed records to present two more undersung heroes from the history of music... From Minneapolis, Minnesota, THE BJELLAND BROTHERS were originally part of a family singing group called THE BJELLAND FAMILY SOUND in the late 1970's. The Bjelland Brothers were originally slated as the opening act for the Bjelland Family, whenever they toured the upper Midwestern states (a music market that was nicknamed "The Icicle Belt" at the time). They were an immediate hit with the crowds, and with the family's blessing, went off to form a group of their own in 1985. The first single the brothers recorded together was "Sparkling Apple Juice," a deeply emotional song, asking a question that may never be answered. TASTE OF NEW YORK are a more recently documented band in the Hometown Heroes series. Formed (vaguely) in 2009, Taste of New York started as a loose, communal noise project in a three story semi-abandoned building on Avenue C, in New York City. They soon began to write songs about the physical world around them: broken glass, cracked concrete, and rats. Taste of New York were known for their slow, chaotic live performances, sometimes so poorly organized, that there were some shows where none of the band members even appeared. Crowds would fill a venue to watch an empty drum kit, piano, and amp for an hour and a half. And yes, there were encores. Taste of New York were truly revered, or as one of their fans described it, "always forgiven."

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.03.2014
Im Shop seit: 09.04.2014
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6,99 EUR


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