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Ragged Barracudas
Interpret(en): Ragged Barracudas
EAN/UPC Code: 2090503991255
Artikel-Nr.: CFUL0
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: The music emitted by the RAGGED BARRACUDAS does indeed come across like a pack of Shreddin S phyraena. Yeah the drums get bashed, the bass slips n skronks and the guitar tears holes in the universe. But this band is channeling something very different than what you might be casting for. As you listen to these tracks, imagine wandering through the moonless streets of mid-70s Cleveland at midnight where the only other lifeforms are packs of urban vermin banging out a rock 'n' roll symphony on the bent hoods of rusted Plymouths. You really must hear this for yourselves, but on the three tracks they've released here ("Livin the Dream," "Cheap Allure" and "Motor Jam"), RAGGED BARRACUDAS are channeling the raw scraping guitars of Poison 13; the sparse/spaced barroom punk vibe of Bugger Off! -era Stack Waddy & Third World War; the lost-astronaut-floating-through-space-hurling-toward-the-sun-vibe of Mick Bolton-era UFO; and the plaintive, tortured, yet soulful vocalizations of both early Roxy-era Bryan Ferry and Crocus Behemoth.

Erscheinungsdatum: 13.03.2014
Im Shop seit: 02.04.2014
Verfügbarkeit: Sofort abholbereit/versandfertig
7,99 EUR
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