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Dead Rider: Chills On Glass (LP) [30019650]

EAN/UPC Code: 781484053514
Artikel-Nr.: DC535
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: Chills On Glass, DEAD RIDER's third ride, is as distinct from the second time around as The Raw Dents was from their debut, Mother of Curses. There's no point in venturing out unless you intend to see something new-and so Dead Rider do, making new known again. Meanwhile, the search for the perfect teenage love-affair continues, the guessing game that will tell them (and by proxy, us) who the new favorite bedroom wall poster-idol might be. This way ecstasy lies.... The goal for Dead Rider, always: super-heavy, super-driving, more "up" moments than ever before. An album experience; listening, you're put through some changes. Illusions radiating out from the real. You're rocked into submission, but asked to participate on the listening level. Rebuilt, regrooved, with favorable upgrades. Chills On Glass moves forward in this tradition, juxtaposing high and low values-serious playing, danceablity, controlled-outcomes experimentation, don't-givea-fuck rad-itude. Seeking the rock, Dead Rider leave no stylistic stone unturned in their restless path and no knob on the board untwisted in their search for the mixe parfait. Synths that tickle the top of one's spine, and the brain-pan balanced atop it. Guitars piercing like a neural system. The fullness of real drums. Passion and soul that echo shoutingly from within the (very aLIVE) rhythm machine. Vocal layers and masks of all kinds, space, with digital code threaded around the edges. This is composition that uses improvisation as an element within a larger structure-the ultimate streamlining of production, where songs are processed on several levels, mirroring and flashing their meanings through tactics and layers, backgrounded by a panaroma of yawning, silent, benevolent and black velvet.

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.03.2014
Im Shop seit: 07.03.2014
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