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Gary Wrong Group: Knights Of Misery -ltd- (Maxi Single) [30018892]

Zusatzinformation: LIMITED TO 500 COPIES
EAN/UPC Code: 1230001206432
Artikel-Nr.: M51131
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: For those of you not in the know GARY WRONG has been the solo outlet for WIZZARD SLEEVE, CAPTAIN BEYONCE, for the last year or so. Total Punk attempted to put out his debut single last year but all the chicken magic in the world couldn't set this doomed project straight. Endless setbacks from the pressing plant, four broken plates, and a neverending string of lies and misrepresentations from the shady "plant broker" later we were able to salvage 148 hideous, jaggedly cut, mislabeled singles before scrapping the project. Well here are rerecorded versions of those two songs as well as four more. That's right folks, Gary Wrong is back, and this time with a full gang of like minded miscreants. Six tracks of brooding, sinister punk created under the influence of ditch weed, on broken machines, in the late late hours of an Alabama night at an undisclosed location in the woods. A pummeling attack of pouding drums and biting guitars, covered in layers of whirling organ (provided by QUINTRON), eerie synth noises, and all accented by Mr Wrong's menacing cackle. Think Chrome mainlining the ashes of Bobby Soxx. IT brings to mind images of swarming locust, WW II dog fights, Cthulu's ascent from the primordial ooze, and backwoods ritual sacrifice. Out this week and TOTALLY PUNK!!

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2013
Im Shop seit: 01.02.2014
Verfügbarkeit: Sofort abholbereit/versandfertig

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