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King Khan And Bbq Show: S/t (LP) [30010799]

EAN/UPC Code: 759718514711
Artikel-Nr.: ITR147LP
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: In Montreal, Canada, Black Snake and Mark Sultan played in the underground punk-garage band The Spaceshits. Following that band's demise, Sultan banged drums for Canadian garage rock legends Les Sexareenos. Black Snake transformed into King Khan and relocated to Hamburg, Germany to become the Maharaja of '60s super-soul with his band The Shrines. After the Sexareenos split, Sultan traveled the world with his guitar, serenading Brazilians, Laotians, Americans, and the French with his one-man band BBQ. One day a light bulb went off in their heads and they decided to join forces-The King Khan & BBQ Show was born. They released their debut album, recorded by DM Bob in Hamburg, on Goner Records in 2005. The record was deleted soon thereafter. In The Red presents this long-overdue re-release of this classic in a newly expanded package. There are two bonus tracks not originally available on the Goner release, brand new artwork, and the LP version features a one-sided second disc containing the band's first demo. This is a must for any fan of real rock 'n' roll music. Take off your pants and dance. "This is what it's all about; swinging music by eccentrics with an ear for a tune. the pair's raw attempts at doo wop are simply sublime." -Mojo "This CD has improved my sex life! Ever since I got it I have had better orgazms." -Darla,

Erscheinungsdatum: 30.05.2013
Im Shop seit: 01.06.2013
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