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V/a: Le Beat Bespoke V.2 (LP) [30001370]

EAN/UPC Code: 5039297000016
Artikel-Nr.: CPWL107
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: 16-track vinyl L.P. with full colour sleeve and printed b/w. inner sleeve (all glossy). Ltd copies!
Tracklisting: 1. Pappys Hauted House Kicks off with haunting intro, before letting it rip with stabs of the hammond (early Deep Purple style) and drentched in fuzz. No one knows anything about this effort from across the Atlantic. Answers on e-mail to would be most appreciated. 2. Jimmy Thomas A killer on the scene dancefloors since last summer and swapping hands when one turns up for big bucks now. From 1969 on small UK label Spark. Better known for his Northern Soul sides Jimmy must have had a party with the Mohawks at a studio in London (where he still resides) and recorded this jam session and 'Springtime' was the result. 3. The Light Nites From Chicago, they started out as Gary & the Knight Lites releasing a couple of local singles under that name. Line-up of the band was Gary Loizzo (lead vocals, lead gtr), Al Ciner (rhythm gtr), Chuck Colbert (bass), Lee Graziano (drums, trumpet). After their one Dunwich single as the Light Nites, they changed their name to the American Breed and had some big hits on Acta ("Bend Me, Shape Me," etc.) They eventually evolved into the '70s soul group Rufus. 4. The Palace Guards Not to be confused with the Los Angeles group the Palace Guard (singular) who had a bunch of singles on Orange Empire. This lot were from Metaric, Louisiana. They released four or five singles between 1966 and 1969. "Gas Station Boogaloo" was their last for White Cliffs, released in '68. 5. New Hudson Exit Based out of Youngstown, Ohio, they'd originally been called Volume Four. They renamed themselves the New Hudson Exit after a popular teen club in Canfield, Ohio (the club was named after a road sign stolen from New York). The line-up of Phil Keaggy (lead guitar), Tom Huzjack (guitar), Mitch Banky (bass) and Bob Barbone (drums) recorded one single for Date Records in 1967. In 1968 Keaggy left to form the psych (later Christian rock) group Glass Harp. He was replaced by a keyboard player, Danny (last name forgotten) and it was this line-up that recorded "Too Many People" for Peace Records. They played around the New York and Pennsylvania area, and opened for Vanilla Fudge several times, but broke up around 1969, supposedly with an unreleased album in the can. 6. E.G. Smith & the Power Hailed from Canada and started life as Grant Smith & The Power. We have included the b-side here with fuzz guitar and great sound effects. The A side is a cover version of "Keep on Running" which was a big hit in Canada 1967. They also released an album of the same name on Boo Records. London, Ontario's Grant Smith became popular in the early '60's as a member of the southern Ontario country-rock act Zeke And The Moonshiners. By the mid-60's the band had run its course and Smith decided to form his own act The Power. Before joining Grant Smith, Kennedy and Smitty Smith had been in The Soul Searchers with Eric Mercury and Diane Brooks. 7. The Moody Five Released on Belter in Spain (with amazing picture sleeve included here) and on Metronome in there native Germany. This double sider is a real belter 'Blue tail fly' included here is a groovy pop psych dancer and the flip is more Freakbeat/Who style sound. 8. Paul King Recorded three 45's all issued in Spain on Columbia Records with picture sleeve, sharing label and musical direction with top Spanish late 60s band Los Iberos. Paul King wasn't Spanish at all, and apparently vanished after recording this brilliant Hendrix-influenced track. 9. Dick Turpin Back to the UK and in 1970 London label Evoluion put out this killer 45 from mystery high way man Dick Turpin. Any info would be most appreciated. The only complaint on this disc is it should have been twice as long. 10. Proud Flesh Recorded a handful of 45's on German label Resono, all quite good apparently. The one included on here is the A-side of this double sider "Happy" a slower rocky number. The flip side "Hey Mister" is in a classic garage style and comes with an art sleeve. 11. Shere Khan Stuck a search in on Google and came up with hundreds of listings for curry houses but no info on this artist who recorded for producer Tony Pike at his Putney studio. Released as a 45 in 1969 on Pike's own independent "Tee Pee" label with 2 killer sides. Included on this compilation is the slower 'Little Louise'. A hard to find gem going for quite a princely sum these days. 12. The Tops Hailing from Leige in southern Belgium released two 45's on classical music label Arsis in 1972. This hypnotic psychedelic dance track is a sure winner on the dance floor and is ripe pickings for old fat Boy slim to sample or end up on some TV advert. 13. Brunetta & the Balubas 'Baluba shake' is the first of the ladies on LBB2 and sets the tone for the next six numbers. >From 66 and sounds like it should have been on an Italian film in a cool party scene? Great picture sleeve and wild number that that gets the girls up on the dance floor shaking their stuff! 14. Mary McCarthy Little known about this lady other than she recorded for "Rotide Productions", who leased masters to CBS records for the release of two 45s in 1967. This is by far the better one but 'easy kind of love' is also worth picking up. Written and recorded by the Hollies team Nash, Clarke and Hicks. Appeared on the B-side of their 1965 outing 'I'm alive'. 15.Martells Recorded for Decca Records in 1966. No information on this group and not sure which nationality UK or US or whether they are the same group that recorded in the USA round the same period. What we do know is it's an excellent slice of girl group garage sure to keep those groovers on the dancefloor. 16. Christie Luame This gem came out in '67 on Emi's Odeon label. Judging by the picture sleeve this young lady was an absolute beauty. Rouge-Rouge is an outstanding girl group Ye Ye dancer. As soon as the first fuzzy guitar chord sequence starts and the percussion crashes in you know it's a winner.
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.03.2011
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