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V/a: Re-evolution (LP + 7") [30001361]

Zusatzinformation: INCL. 7"//W/BEVIS FROND/HIGHER
EAN/UPC Code: 2090503812895
Artikel-Nr.: CRUST237
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: The Hollies - Manchester's answer to The Beatles, and a bloody good answer at that. Great songs, great vocals, great band - so why are they so massively underrated? Their albums, especially from 66-68, were minor masterpieces, but their record label seemed obsessed with singles success, so the albums were underpromoted and many of the songs rarely heard. Fruits de Mer is doing its bit to redress the balance with an LP + 7" extravaganza that showcases 16 songs, reinterpreted by FdM artists from the UK, USA, Russia, Sweden and Portugal, including The Higher State, The Bevis Frond, Us and Them, Beautify Junkyards, Hi-Fiction Science and The Electric Stars.
All housed in a stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Frank Suchomel (who also designed 'Sorrow's Children', so you just know it's going to be good)....

It started out as a four-track ep and just grew and grew..
FdM asked artists old and new what The Hollies would have siounded like if they's spent more time East of Darlington, Graham Nash hadn't packed his kaftan and left for the West Coast and EMI had given them all unlimited time in Abbey Road, unlimited quantities of drugs and unlimited access to Norman Smith - the results might not sound much like that - but it was a start-point...
It's taken nearly a year to come together, but i think it's been worth it - i hope you do too. All pre-orders now being shipped. I'm sold out already - I might be getting a few more copies but i can't be sure, please email me and i'll let you know the latest situation - and I'll put you in touch with Fruits de Mer stockists if i can't help direct....less than 800 pressed, so don't delay

Here's the full running order....

LP - side 1

1. Butterfly (3:30) by Beautify Junkyards

2. All The World Is Love (3:46) by The Seventh Ring of Saturn

3. Elevated Observations (3:17) by Jay Tausig

4. King Midas In Reverse (4:13) by Hi-Fiction Science

5. Then The Heartaches Begin (4:52) by The Re-Stoned

6. Bus Stop (3:59) by moonweevil

LP - side 2

1. Postcard (2:46) by The Gathering Grey

2.Heading For A Fall (4:26) by auralcandy

3. Hard Hard Year (4:09) by The Bevis Frond

4. Try It (4:41) by Sky Picnic

5. Water On The Brain (3:34) by The Neutron Drivers

6.Butterfly (4:03) by Us and Them

7" - side 1

Don't Run And Hide (2:54) by The Higher State

Dear Eloise (5:01) by King Penguin

7" - side 2

1. Jennifer Eccles (4:27) by The Electric Stars

Everything Is Sunshine (2:26) by Langor
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