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Headsoup (ltd.ed)
Interpret(en): Goat
Zusatzinformation: CYAN VINYL LP+7"
EAN/UPC Code: 5056321640468
Artikel-Nr.: 00147635
Set-Inhalt: 2
Information: 'Headsoup' is a new compilation that deepens the legend of mysterious Swedish psych collective Goat even further. Collecting rarities from across band's celebrated career, including standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and two enormous brand new tracks, it's a globetrotting acid trip of a record that's even bigger in its scope than their acclaimed studio LPs.From the incendiary heavy psych of their earliest work, like debut B-side 'The Sun And Moon', to the serene 'Requiem'-era alternate take 'Union Of Mind And Soul', to the simmering menace of their latest material, it's a record as multifaceted as Goat themselves, packed with detours in every conceivable direction.Taking in jazz-flute solos, pounding Afrobeat rhythms, ferocious desert blues, drifting Ethio-jazz, this is, as the name of Goat's first album made clear, 'World Music' in its most complete form, a sound unrestrained by genre boundaries. Yet the band are anything but lazy appropriators. They approach their forebears with upmost reverence, articulating a celebratory cultural cross-pollination. And what about these two new tracks? 'Fill My Mouth' is a scuzzy psychedelic funk knockout, the sleaziest thing the band have ever recorded. 'Queen Of The Underground', meanwhile, is truly herculean, a swaggering psychedelic powerhouse of the very highest order.Sometimes dark and heavy, at others joyous and beautiful, like Goat themselves 'Headsoup' is mysterious, and constantly shapeshifting, difficult to properly pin down but constantly enthralling. Almost a decade since they first emerged from the depths of Scandinavia, there is still no other band on earth that sounds quite like them. Comes in cyan blue vinyl with 7"single!
Erscheinungsdatum: 27.08.2021
Im Shop seit: 27.08.2021
Verfügbarkeit: Sofort abholbereit/versandfertig
34,99 EUR
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> HEADSOUP (Cyan Vinyl LP + 7')
LP 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation THE SUN AND MOON
002 Zusatzinformation STONEGOAT
003 Zusatzinformation DREAMBUILDING
004 Zusatzinformation DIG MY GRAVE
005 Zusatzinformation IT'S TIME FOR FUN
006 Zusatzinformation RELAX
007 Zusatzinformation UNION OF MIND AND SOUL
008 Zusatzinformation THE SNAKE OF ADDIS ADABA
009 Zusatzinformation GOATFIZZ
010 Zusatzinformation LET IT BURN (EDIT)
011 Zusatzinformation FRIDAY PT.1
012 Zusatzinformation FILL MY MOUTH
013 Zusatzinformation QUEEN OF THE UNDERGROUND