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Sex Crazy
Interpret(en): Lurkers, The
Zusatzinformation: GREEN VINYL
EAN/UPC Code: 5020422054110
Artikel-Nr.: 00142085
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: Brand new studio album from original punk legends The Lurkers! LP Limited to 1000 copies (500 Pink / 500 Green)! THIS IS THE ORIGINAL LURKERS: PETE STRIDE - NIGEL MOORE - ESSO! We asked the band a few questions... There's still a big audience for punk rock, why do you think the music has stood the test of time? Pete: At the most basic level I think it comes down to the energy, brevity and sheer catchiness of the best punk tunes. Nigel: Because it lacks pretention and as it did back in '77 and anyone can have a go. Also__It's Good. Esso: It had a definite identity maybe - it was a movement that attracted people who didn't feel part of the mainstream, and so once finding a home didn't want to leave it, in fact remaining loyal to that thing that they felt saved them. When you formed the band back in the `70s did you expect you'd still be making records 40-odd years later? Pete: no not at all, I think i imagined i would be retired and living in a mansion by the age of 30. Nigel: No, I thought I'd be living on my country estate deciding whether to drive the Aston or the Bentley and throwing rocks at the neighbours. Esso: Not at all, twenty years old - 40 years was a different world.
Erscheinungsdatum: 09.10.2020
Im Shop seit: 06.10.2020
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--> Sex Crazy
LP 1/1
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