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All The Leaves Are Gone
Interpret(en): Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
EAN/UPC Code: 809236142610
Artikel-Nr.: 00137243
Set-Inhalt: 1
Zustand: Neuware
Information: In 2004, only the truly informed and forward-thinking heads "got" this mini masterpiece. Critics scratched their heads and usually resorted to comparisons of past artists, like Grace Slick and her Great Jefferson Society, Fairport Convention (but which era? SURELY Judy Dyble's early reign?), and at best, Shirley Collins. A few fans attempted to connect the record to even more obscure "freak folk/rock" like Mellow Candle, Fear Itself, or Trees. "All the Leaves are Gone" was made by unique personalities not concerned with influences or copying any bygone era. Surely, some things are in our DNA or even early childhood, as Josephine Foster's roots in opera manifest themselves as much as any other influence in this organic song cycle. Sure, guitarist Brian Goodman may have heard Richard Thompson before, but his alchemical and molten guitar spray is purely his own, in tunings and intervals still not meant for normal humans to understand, mostly because his 2004 guts were poured into every sublime note . That fiery emotion is also in every nuance of Foster's songs--like life, there's disquieting, jagged moments of unease, and there's calm both before and after the storm. There are moments of utter gentleness along the journey---because yes, every concept album should be a voyage, and this is one everyone should take. - Steve Krakow.
Erscheinungsdatum: 29.11.2019
Im Shop seit: 18.11.2019
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20,99 EUR
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> All The Leaves Are Gone
LP 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation Well-Heeled Men
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
002 Zusatzinformation The Most Loved One
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
003 Zusatzinformation All The Leaves Are Gone
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
004 Zusatzinformation Nana
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
005 Zusatzinformation Deathknell
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
006 Zusatzinformation Silly Song
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
007 Zusatzinformation Jailbird (Hero Of The Sorrow)
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
008 Zusatzinformation Worried And Sorry
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
009 Zusatzinformation Who Will Feel Bitter At The Days End?
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
010 Zusatzinformation John Ave. Seen From The Gray Train
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
011 Zusatzinformation Don't Wait Mary Jane
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed
012 Zusatzinformation (You Are Worth) A Million Dollars
Foster, Josephine & The Supposed