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Interpret(en): Mando Diao
EAN/UPC Code: 7332181094244
Artikel-Nr.: 00135028
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: Das neue, achte Studioalbum von Mando Diao erscheint im Oktober!

Since 2002, MANDO DIAO have released 7 studio albums that have sold more than 1,5 million copies worldwide. In their career they have played more than 1 500 concerts in more than 30 countries, and have headlined major festivals throughout the world. Their videos have become viral phenomena with tens of millions of views on YouTube. They have released a B-side and a Greatest Hits collection and even an MTV Unplugged album and DVD. Many contemporary bands have come and gone but the group has continued to reach new heights and re-define popular music. They are known for their classic, straight-up rock and roll sound, starting their career drawing on heavy influences from rhythm and blues, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Kinks. As they developed their own music, they took in more pop and dance themes, but have always maintained the energy and attitude of early rock paired with Björn's unmistakingly soulful voice. MANDO DIAO now plan to release their 8th studio album to drop October 18th to be followed by a bigger almost sold-out North European tour. A straight-forward, non-compromising album completely 100% written, recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves. An energetic, dark and very personal album that is spellbinding, powerful and their best work to date. Explosive, in your face and simply BANG!

Erscheinungsdatum: 18.10.2019
Im Shop seit: 16.10.2019
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18,99 EUR
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> Bang
LP 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation One Last Fire
Mando Diao
002 Zusatzinformation He Can't Control You
Mando Diao
003 Zusatzinformation Long Long Way
Mando Diao
004 Zusatzinformation Don't Tell Me
Mando Diao
005 Zusatzinformation I Was Blind
Mando Diao
006 Zusatzinformation Bang Your Head
Mando Diao
007 Zusatzinformation Get Free
Mando Diao
008 Zusatzinformation My Woman
Mando Diao
009 Zusatzinformation Scream For You
Mando Diao
010 Zusatzinformation Society
Mando Diao