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Billow Ep
Artist(s): Hessels, Lena
EAN/UPC Code: 718752234818
Item-Number: 00130166
Set Count: 1
Information: Lena Hessels - vocals & guitar [+ piano, organ, samples & sounds] Born in december 2000 in the Witte Villa in Wormer (NL). She grew up in the midst of music. Her father Terrie is The Ex's guitarist, mother Emma played violin and they both run the adventurous Terp label. Musicians like Han Bennink, Sonic Youth, Konono No.1, Getatchew Mekuria and many more stayed in the house regulary. She visited Ethiopia when the was three and many times after for the many music projects. When Lena finished high school this summer, she was very determined to make a record straight away. She `locked' herself up in the top room where she had started a little studio. After three weeks writing, practising, recording and recording again, she was finished. Billow is ready! "Please tell Lena I listened to her CD and the informal, personal approach reminded me of some of my favorite people, like Scout Niblett, Cat Power and Azita Yousseffi. There's something nice about hearing somebody making up their own kind of music without playing the mix-and-match game from other people's music, and I hope she continues. I also tend to like records recorded at home. There's a lovely album that came out a few years ago by Molly Drake, who was Nick Drake's mother, just her singing at the piano, recorded at home very simply. It was never released in her lifetime, probably very few people heard it, but it's extremely nice for the same reason." - Steve Albini, 10/2018
Release: 09.11.2018
Available since: 24.01.2019
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> Billow Ep
LP (analog) 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation Falling
Hessels, Lena
002 Zusatzinformation Seven
Hessels, Lena
003 Zusatzinformation Welter
Hessels, Lena
004 Zusatzinformation First
Hessels, Lena
005 Zusatzinformation Standby
Hessels, Lena
006 Zusatzinformation Sunflowerbby
Hessels, Lena
007 Zusatzinformation Days
Hessels, Lena
008 Zusatzinformation Go
Hessels, Lena