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My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth Ltd.(180g, Transp.)
Interpret(en): Moss, Liela
Zusatzinformation: CLEAR VINYL
EAN/UPC Code: 5051083134934
Artikel-Nr.: 39225561
Set-Inhalt: 1
Information: "The act of making this record has felt truly exotic for me by way of its minimalism" says Liela Moss of her debut solo album. My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth more than lives up to Moss's promise of fresh, bold adventure. Sonically spare yet sumptuous in its emotions, elemental power and expansive melodies, the record is a richly felt, vividly-realised trip into the interior from the Duke Spirit singer. A serene-to-stormy series of deep dream-pop meditations on devotion and selfhood, creativity and parenthood, it treats unknown territory not as something to fear but as a seed-bed of possibility.
As Liela puts it, "I was in my own modest studio, surrounded by deep rural Somerset, and building the album bit by bit over a year with just my producer and partner Toby Butler - with whom I co-wrote all the music. We worked to our own schedule and across all seasons. Staring out of the window singing, I would watch the changing natural phenomena around me and sing to the forms outside. My window-view outside was like an umbilical cord; I was receiving little messages from the nature beyond and the songs were growing inside the studio, transmitting back".
Every arrangement is impeccably, sensitively judged to give Moss's lyrics maximum breathing room on an album that marks great leaps forward for one of alt-rock's most magnetic voices. If the record is revelatory to listen to, it was no less so for its creator, explains Moss. "This album feels like a trip through a hall of mirrors, where the overall subject is kinda the same (themes of renewal, the emergence of new energy, exploring the idea of devotion) but as you step through space the characteristics get weirder, distort a little. The album is me; the innermost version of me, but now all is a little uncanny, mysterious, as if I'll learn more about myself when I come to play them live". On the strength of My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth, a fantastic journey awaits.

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.11.2018
Im Shop seit: 07.11.2018
Verfügbarkeit: i.d.R. in 3-5 Tagen versand- oder abholbereit
23,99 EUR
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