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Felt (ltd.)
Artist(s): Suuns
Additional Information: COLOURED VINYL
EAN/UPC Code: 656605036038
Item-Number: 00121482
Set Count: 1
Information: "This record is definitely looser than our last one [2016's Hold/Still]. It's not as clinical. There's more swagger." says singer/guitarist Ben Shemie about "Felt", the latest album by SUUNS.

You can hear this freedom flowing through the 11 tracks on the album. It's both a continuation and rebirth, the Montreal quartet returning to beloved local facility Breakglass Studios (where they cut their first two albums [Zeroes QC and Images Du Futur] with Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes) but this time recording themselves at their own pace, over five fertile sessions spanning several months.

A simultaneous stretching out and honing in, mixed to audiophile perfection by St Vincent producer John Congleton (helmer of Hold/Still), who flew up especially from Dallas to deploy his award-winning skills in situ. "Felt" lead single "Watch You, Watch Me" showcases an organic/synthetic rush that builds and builds atop drummer Liam O'Neill's elevatory rhythm.

O'Neill exclaims, "It was different and exciting. In the past, there was a more concerted effort on my part to drum in a controlled and genre-specific way. Self-consciously approaching things stylistically. Us doing it ourselves, that process was like a very receptive, limitless workshop to just try out ideas." Complementing O'Neill are the ecstatic, Harmonia-meets-Game Boy patterns unleashed by electronics mastermind Max Henry. Eschewing presets, Henry devised fresh sounds for each song on "Felt" while also becoming a default musical director, orchestrating patches and oscillations.

Quietly enthusing about "freaky post-techno" and Frank Ocean's use of space, he's among your more modest studio desk jockeys: "Yeah, I sat in the control room while the others played - hitting 'record' and 'stop'. It also gave me the flexibility to move parts around and play with effects. I do have a sweet tooth for pop music."
Release: 02.03.2018
Available since: 08.03.2018
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
LP + Download 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation LOOK NO FURTHER
002 Zusatzinformation X-ALT
003 Zusatzinformation WATCH YOU, WATCH ME
004 Zusatzinformation BASELINE
005 Zusatzinformation AFTER THE FALL
006 Zusatzinformation CONTROL
007 Zusatzinformation MAKE IT REAL
008 Zusatzinformation DAYDREAM
009 Zusatzinformation PEACE AND LOVE
010 Zusatzinformation MOONBEAMS
011 Zusatzinformation MATERIALS