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Darlene Shrugg
Interpret(en): Darlene Shrugg
EAN/UPC Code: 828887010116
Artikel-Nr.: 00120175
Set-Inhalt: 1
Zustand: Neuware
Information: Darlene Shrugg is unabashedly a rock 'n roll band. Formed in Toronto in 2013, it's something of a local enigma; Darlene more or less abstains from an internet presence, and its public performances are sporadic at best.

Now, over two, reticent years, Darlene has completed an LP, coaxing out an imaginatively produced debut album of brash theatricality and uninhibited Rock and Roll.

Darlene represents collaborative convergence. The band was conceived initially by Maximilian Turnbull (formerly Slim Twig) and Simone TB, who played together for ten years as art-punk duo, Tropics.

Seemingly having exhausted the limits of their angular, hermetic approach, they felt it time to broaden horizons.

They invited Meg Remy, creative force behind the critically lauded U.S. Girls project, to compose lyrics and vocal melodies for a new band's repertoire.

It was quickly apparent that Remy should also perform in the band, at which point both Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist, known for their electro-pop duo, Ice Cream, also joined.

An interesting dynamic developed. Turnbull & TB generated instrumentals for Remy to write to.

Furnished with lyrics and melodies, the songs were then arranged by the entire group. This work and a schedule of infrequent live shows continued for a couple of years until Young Guv, of Fucked Up fame, cajoled the band into a studio with engineer-producer Steve Chahley to finally record some of the exciting new tunes.
Erscheinungsdatum: 16.02.2018
Im Shop seit: 08.01.2018
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> Darlene Shrugg
LP 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation Inherit The Wind
Darlene Shrugg
002 Zusatzinformation First World Blues
Darlene Shrugg
003 Zusatzinformation Wah Wah
Darlene Shrugg
004 Zusatzinformation Strawberry Milk
Darlene Shrugg
005 Zusatzinformation Technicolour Surround
Darlene Shrugg
006 Zusatzinformation National Security
Darlene Shrugg
007 Zusatzinformation Pete Rose Boogie
Darlene Shrugg
008 Zusatzinformation Where's Your Brother?
Darlene Shrugg
009 Zusatzinformation Freedom Comes In A Plastic Card
Darlene Shrugg