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More Wealth Than Money
Interpret(en): Normil Hawaiians
EAN/UPC Code: 828887009615
Artikel-Nr.: 00118906
Set-Inhalt: 2
Zustand: Neuware
Information: Normil Hawaiians had a transformative 1982. With two 7" singles and a 12" EP under their belts they suddenly found themselves disillusioned with the increasingly generic sounds surrounding them, so they forced the hand of change and began reaching out with that very hand.

The band's true constant in Guy Smith soon found himself with a new crew of musicians, Simon Marchant, Noel Blanden and Mark Tyler.

Normil Hawaiians' communal take on post punk quickly sprouted leaves from its mouth, and began carving out a new furrow.

Greater emphasis was awarded to improvisation within the group and as a result their songs embarked on longer, freer journeys towards the beaten bounds.

They wanted these new songs to bear the weight of their new collective spirit so comfort zones had to be left behind.

Tape loops, echo boxes, extended percussive sessions and duteous faith in the tones emanating from a particular old wah-wah pedal were all employed by Normil Hawaiians to stretch their sonic fabric into wild and redolent new dimensions.

'More Wealth Than Money' proved a vastly ambitious debut album, sprawling across four sides of vinyl in a way that still feels truly expansive, brave, cinematic even.

From the plaintive pastoralism of ritish Warm' to the transcendental vistas of ther Ways Of Knowing', the album constantly surprises with its ringing trails of guitar, motorik pulse and synth rambles.

From the striving incursion of ally IV' to the softly spoken disbelief of ellow Rain' the album is nothing short of a waking dream.

Guy Smith's vocal floats through the album in a haunting manner, at times heartfelt at others overcome.

He's on a quest to his own celestial city and we can stay for the whole journey if we only listen.
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.01.2018
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
LP 1/2
001 Zusatzinformation RED HARVEST
002 Zusatzinformation BRITISH WARM
003 Zusatzinformation YELLOW RAIN
004 Zusatzinformation NEW STANDARD
005 Zusatzinformation AN OLD STANDARD
006 Zusatzinformation OTHER WAYS OF KNOWING

LP 2/2
001 Zusatzinformation WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH
002 Zusatzinformation RETURN OF HOLLOW LANDS
003 Zusatzinformation HAHA, THE STORY OF A SUNKEN FENCE
004 Zusatzinformation SALLY IV
005 Zusatzinformation LEFT ALONE WITH HER PIPE
006 Zusatzinformation TRAVELLING WEST