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Humain Trop Humain
Interpret(en): San Carol
EAN/UPC Code: 3700398716343
Artikel-Nr.: 00115561
Set-Inhalt: 1
Zustand: Neuware
Information: What if "A Rush Of Blood To The Head'' from Coldplay was meeting "Yeti'' from Amon Düül ? That's was suggesting a deep listening of the 2nd album by french composer San Carol, nothing less than a punch in the face of all exhausted indie fans bored by too much softness in pop music.

Composed as an unexpected child between FM tunes and krautrock, but that's also a contemporary trip into Madness where the listener will discover a few guilt pleasures (the 80's, Bono as a synthpop icon, commercial radios, etc) back to life with songs like Venture, Le Graal Ardent, Oxyon 777, three hits bigger than whatever you've been listening for the last months.

Smelling sweat and groove, "Humain Trop Humain'' is an uninhibited album where you'll also meet Gary Numan, Bobby Gillepsie and James Murphy dancing like David Bowie with Mick Jagger in the unforgettable-but-forgotten 80's song Dancing in the street.

Perfect soundtrack for your vacuum cleaner's session, that's the birth of a brand new musical style : Krautrock stadium for dummies.

Sounding like : Gary Numan, Amon Düül, Neu !, Coldplay, Primal Scream ''HUMAIN TROP HUMAIN'' IS THE SECOND RELEASE OF GONZAI RECORDS.
Erscheinungsdatum: 18.05.2018
Im Shop seit: 08.01.2018
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
LP + Download 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation HARMONIE HOLISTIQUE
002 Zusatzinformation VENTURE
003 Zusatzinformation COSMICIA
004 Zusatzinformation OXYON 777
005 Zusatzinformation L'OEIL S'OUVRE
006 Zusatzinformation INVITATION A LA VIE INTENSE
007 Zusatzinformation LE GRAAL ARDENT
008 Zusatzinformation ELAN VITAL
009 Zusatzinformation LE ROYAUME DE DIEU