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The Burning Spider
Artist(s): Stelar, Parov
EAN/UPC Code: 8086996672003
Item-Number: EN060
Set Count: 2
Release: 21.04.2017
Available since: 20.04.2017
Availability: usually available within 3-5 days
25,99 EUR
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
LP (analog) 1/2
001 The burning spider
Stelar, Parov / Hopkins, Lightnin'
002 Step two
Stelar, Parov / Bloom, Lilja
003 Soul fever blues
Stelar, Parov / Waters, Muddy
004 Everything of my heart
Stelar, Parov
005 My man
Stelar, Parov / Hopkins, Lightnin'
006 All grown up
Stelar, Parov / Anduze

LP (analog) 2/2
001 Mama talking
Stelar, Parov / Smith, Stuff
002 State of the union
Stelar, Parov / Anduze
003 Beauty mark
Stelar, Parov / Anduze
004 Cuba Libre
Stelar, Parov / Bailey, Mildred
005 Black coffee
Stelar, Parov / Manone, Wingy
006 The ride
Stelar, Parov