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America's Velvet Glory
Interpret(en): Molochs, The
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Information: The first album Forgetter Blues was released with Lucias Fitzsimons' guitarist/organist and longtime bandmate Ryan Foster in early 2013 on his own label-named after a slightly infamous intersection in their then-home of Long Beach-and was twelve songs of anxious garagey proto-punk-y folk-y rock, Modern Lovers demos and Velvet Underground arcana as fuel and foundation both. It deserved to go farther than it did, which sadly wasn't very far. But it sharpened Fitzsimons and his songwriting, and after three pent-up years of creativity, he was ready to burst. So he decided to record a new album in the spirit of the first, and in the spirit of everything that the Molochs made so far.

The result is America's Velvet Glory, recorded with engineer Jonny Bell at effortless (says Fitzsimons) sessions at Long Beach's JazzCats studio. (Also incubator for Molochs' new labelmates Wall of Death and Hanni El Khatib.) It starts with an anxious electric minor-key melody and ends on a last lonesome unresolved organ riff, and in between comes beauty, doubt, loss, hate and even a moments or two of peace. There are flashes of 60s garage rock-like the Sunset Strip '66 stormer "No More Cryin'" or the "Little Black Egg"-style heartwarmerslash-breaker "The One I Love"-but like one of Foster's and Fitzsimons' favorites the Jacobites, the Molochs are taking the past apart, not trying to recreate it.

"...60s garage as reinterpreted on those first Modern Lovers demos-with all the tinny guitar and righteous outsider alienation that demands-plus Peter Perrett/Only Ones-style vocals and the bedroom-dude version of the Loaded-era subway-sound guitar..." - L.A. Record

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