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Red Fang
Interpret(en): Red Fang
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Artikel-Nr.: LPSH15
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Information: Red Fang is the formation of long time friends and collaborators Bryan Giles (Last of the Juanitas, Party Time), Aaron Beam (Dark Forces, Lachrymator), David Sullivan (Party Time, facedowninshit, Shiny Beast) and John Sherman (Party Time, Bad Wizard, Trumans Water, All Night). Unleashed on New Year's Eve of 2006 in Portland, Oregon, Red Fang stormed out of the gates, introducing a sweaty, seething basement to a new kind of unforgettable fist-pumping, beer-chugging rock music. Since that night, the band has continued with the same intensity, energy, and intimacy to quickly become a touring juggernaut, playing shows all over the US with bands like The Melvins, Big Business, and The Sword, to name just a few. Residing somewhere between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, Red Fang recall a time when rock was more urgent and horrifying. Synthesizing a variety of heavy music influences into their own distinct musical identity, the band easily shifts from barn-burning punk to mid-tempo, hyper-distorted bass destruction all while maintaining a cohesive sound. Red Fang create gigantic rock songs that are easy to listen to (not easy listening, mind you) and qualify the simultaneous usage of both the thinking and the banging head, which are usually mutually exclusive. Their instrumentation is fluid and effortless, and the vocals are delivered melodically and forcefully, with enough rasp and effect saturation to fit nicely within the music. Paired with elemental imagery, the lyrics are immense and satisfying without any pretense. Red Fang's self-titled debut full-length will be released on Sargent House in March 2009.
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> Red Fang
LP 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation Prehistoric Dog
Red Fang
002 Zusatzinformation Reverse Thunder
Red Fang
003 Zusatzinformation Night Destroyer
Red Fang
004 Zusatzinformation Humans Remain Human Remains
Red Fang
005 Zusatzinformation Good To Die
Red Fang
006 Zusatzinformation Bird On Fire
Red Fang
007 Zusatzinformation Wings Of Fang
Red Fang
008 Zusatzinformation Sharks
Red Fang
009 Zusatzinformation Whales And Leeches
Red Fang
010 Zusatzinformation Witness
Red Fang