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Death After Life
Artist(s): Thug Entrancer
EAN/UPC Code: 184923204117
Item-Number: 2320411
Set Count: 1
Information: "Death After Life, Thug Entrancer's debut for Software Recording Co. is a deliberately realized collection of dance experimentation and hybridized electronic music with narrow stylistic precedents. It's also a gripping, somber tide formed from the gravitational pull of an artist's amble through unknown turfs. A summation of varied approaches to electronic music, Thug Entrancer's multiverse is similar to other Software artists (Slava and Huerco S., for example). McRyhew draws influence from pioneering electronic and experimental composers who placed an emphasis on extended development and technique, alongside early analog dance producers who went all-out and all-in with little more than a TR-808 in their arsenal. Death After Life is comprised of eight chapters drawn from the album title, each numbered one through eight. These portions underscore a pitch-dark thread running throughout the album's fifty minutes. While Death After Life reframes elements of Chicago juke and house in long-form design, the end result one in which a subtler horizon is discovered, trumping more palatable musical codes and dissuading us from treating electronic music, or any genre-stamped style matter, with rote attention. Includes a download code."

Release: 28.02.2014
Available since: 19.02.2014
Availability: Item immediately available
34,99 EUR