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Dodo Beach in Berlin
No Fun/jukebox Babe
Artist(s): Moon Duo
EAN/UPC Code: 616892548447
Item-Number: 00121446
Set Count: 1
Information: Portland psych heroes Moon Duo are back with a new limited edition 12", featuring covers of classic songs by Alan Vega of Suicide and The Stooges.

The covers were conceived during the band's last UK tour and produced by Sonic Boom. "We started playing 'No Fun' after BBC6 Radio asked us to record an Iggy song for his 70th birthday.

We added it to our set to work it out for the session and kept playing it every night because everyone loves that song.

We worked up a version of 'Jukebox Babe' because our sound engineer Larry got it stuck in his head and was singing it all the time.

We figured, we may as well play it if we're going to hear it all the time," the band explains.

"The Stooges and Iggy, and Suicide/Alan Vega/Martin Rev, are all huge influences on us.

But we never want to do faithful covers of great songs, because what's the point. So we tried to push both of the tracks in less obvious directions, incorporating other influences, like California psych and cosmic disco, giving them more of a summer vibe.

We knew Sonic Boom was working outside of Lisbon, so we asked him to produce the tracks, recording them in August for maximal summer heat."
Release: 19.01.2018
Available since: 19.01.2018
Availability: not in stock (usually available within 3-5 days)
13,99 EUR
Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
Maxi Single (analog) 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation NO FUN (THE STOOGES COVER)
002 Zusatzinformation JUKEBOX BABE(ALAN VEGA COVER)