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Dodo Beach in Berlin
Interpret(en): Capitano
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Sometimes the only way to take off your mask is to wear one

Nothing seems to be harder than a truthful reconciliation with your inner self.
To move past the normalized and synchronized picture others draw of you, before
you begin to find yourself in that very picture. Moving on into a life of liberty and
your genuine acceptance of your own identity.

John Who?, aka "the CAPITANO", a Canada born Norwegian who grew up
in Germany to be... who exactly? What is the fibre that makes or breaks an
identity? Norway, Canada, Germany, Grunge, Stoner, Hip Hop, Hippie, Hipster -
is it all at once or nothing at all? Who will you find when you take a good look
inside yourself?

In his quest for self fulfillment he crosses paths with the impetuous songwriter
Fuzz Santander, an unsettled soul who traded Berlin for a far-off monastery town,
only to find that fewer noise makes room for questions to pound all the more
louder. Together with Dyve Diamond and Mikael Goldbløm they gather here to
stand the question and find pride for their very own identity.

CAPITANO is the result. HI! is the result. Eleven tracks that each on their own
shine a light on the same question from different perspectives, only to find ambiguous
answers. Waltz, Flamenco, Gypsy-Pop, Classic Rock, Indie-Pop and all that
follows: CAPITANO does not aim for a genre or gender commitment. The answer
justifies the means.

In its quest, HI! is the artistic involvement with the own self, own identity and own
conditions. HI! is the grande opening of a new artist looming on the horizon of the
essential questions to life, only to release himself and a deeply uncertain world from
purpose and meaning in a delirous ritual dance. HI! is CAPITANOS inner acceptance
headbutting the expecations of society. Honest, emotional and liberating songs
narrating nothing less than an own sense of truth and reality.

Side A
Good Times (For Bad Habbits)
Gypsy On A Leash
Get Naked
None The Less

Side B
My Bad
Sum Of Things
I Dance
Erscheinungsdatum: 02.02.2018
Im Shop seit: 01.02.2018
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