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South From Here
Artist(s): Winter Family
EAN/UPC Code: 3521381540604
Item-Number: 00107327
Set Count: 1
Condition: Neuware
Information: Winter Family is a duo made up of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine. They met in Jaffa in 2004. Their dark, saturated and dense music is described as "death swing", "weird wave" or "funeral pop".

Their second album Red Sugar (Alt. Vinyl / Sub Rosa - 2011) was highly praised by critics (The Village Voice, Libération, Haaretz, Pitchfork...).

After touring all over the world with their theatrical documentary Jerusalem Cast Lead - Hallucinatory trip in an emotional dictatorship, they moved to Flatbush, Brooklyn, where they started writing their new album, South From Here, to be released on February 3rd.

Their building was continually shaken by block parties, and the sound of trap music's producers that composed and party on all floors.

Community parades and helicopters are frequent and they systematically capture all these sounds some are found in this new album.

Recorded at Tel Aviv, Ruth's lyrics attempt to translate the blindness into which Israeli society is definitively sinking.

The result of this long and painful process is a mixture of pessimism and acceptance they summarize with these words: "Life is Beautiful"
Release: 17.02.2017
Available since: 28.01.2017
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Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
LP + Download 1/1
001 Zusatzinformation ARCHAIC LANDSCAPE
002 Zusatzinformation NO WORLD
003 Zusatzinformation SPRING ROLL
004 Zusatzinformation IKEA
005 Zusatzinformation YALLAH
006 Zusatzinformation JESUS
007 Zusatzinformation MISS BONAVENTURE
008 Zusatzinformation THE LAND OF THE FREE
009 Zusatzinformation CORTELYOU RD (WE SHALL OVERCOME)
010 Zusatzinformation DELIGHTFUL BLINDNESS
011 Zusatzinformation GAZA
012 Zusatzinformation IMAGINE